“Doin’ Me” (Prod. by LV Beats)

Top Billion

Top Billion Doin' Me

Love this song… just don’t know what to do with it. Maybe a video in the future.

“Doin’ Me”


Aye! Young nigga in the game with a pocket full of change

I’m doin’ my thang (yeah, I’m doing me)

When the stripper hit the stage I’mma tip her with the rain

She know it ain’t a game (so she wanna do me)

Every day I go hard Ion’t take a break at all

Tell my haters “Fuck ya’ll!” (yeah, I’m doing me)

Yeah, I’m doing me (4x)

(Verse 1)

I ain’t doin’ nothing else than what I’m ‘pposed to do

Being true so success I’m coming closer to

I’m just doin’ me Ion’t know who’s doin’ you

Who got you doin’ that? Fire them pronto

You don’t need a beat to see Top got flow

Everything I do is natural like how the wind blow

Like how the grass grow like how the rain falls

Like how the earth quakes like how the kid balls

I shake the ground up money I can’t count up

Gettin’ to the point I just how to round up

In the trenches CMG you found us

Grimey and we’re gritty loadin’ up the chopper rounds up

You can’t astound we’re the astounding

I lap it up the cash coming like a fountain

I need an accountant a CPA I found ’em

“Get to work quick before I make another hit.” Chyea


(Verse 2)

Yeah, handful of ones looking for a bad bitch

But if I see a dime then I swear she can have it

Skip shot me a grip now I want to see you strip

Don’t want no private dance but believe I always tip

She got some nice lips, no marks, thick hips

Can’t work the pole but her body makes up for it

She looked me in my eyes all I said “What’s up with it?”

‘Fore you know she’s poppin’ pussy with my face in front of it

Damn, damn them dollars out my hand

I just can’t seem to throw enough I’m doin’ all I can

Her swag makes you think that she’s from a foreign land

It’s either her skin tone or how she pop to Beenie Man

You shoulda seen me, man, girl had me in a trance

She bad enough to make Tip throw his rubberbands

Yeah, trickin’ out my cash like I’ll never see my last

I’m doin’ me so I laugh… HA!


(Verse 3)

Uh, Top Billion: kid got no feelings

Sick like leprosy the skin’s still peeling

Not handsome but I’m appealing

Your chick wanna talk when she see him

Riding European, bumpin’ “I’m Beamin’,” blowin’ purp’ leanin’,

Stock rims gleaming? How the fuck they do that?

German engineering… thought you knew that?

Thank God for Hitler ’cause if not they wouldn’t do that

Ok I’m back on my business I corporate thug in this

I don’t suit and tie I get fly with Polo shirts and fitteds

With Will as my witness every bar of this I live this

If I’m lyin’ let lightning strike the mic’. Oh! It didn’t

The grind’s never ended. Hustle; it ain’t suspended

This rap’s like school I’ve had As for a minute

The game I’mma win it by the time that it’s finished

The prize is a bank account with alot of digits


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