“So Many Places” (Prod. by Makgame)

A song dedicated to the Gods & Earths

Top Billion

Top Billion The GOD

Lyrics below

“So Many Places”


This one right here for my 120 holders, man. My builders. My poor righteous teachers, man. If you Original Man, stand up on this one, Sun. Let’s go.


Traveling through I’ve been so many places

In the East, West, North, North and South (2x)

(Verse 1)

Uh traces of me are found all on the ground

Yup, Original I had to put it down

Wasn’t none to set precedent I did it yet

Everyone but me’s accredited ain’t that bitch

The Giza pyramids I made still amazin’ them

But now they want to say the builders were some aliens

The Romans wouldn’t live if I weren’t Carthaginian

And’d been deceased with no Abyssinians

I done traveled to the East and the Orient

Constructed temples for the monks with all the floors in them

Went West yes crossed the Atlantic

Traded with the North Americans and contacted

Up North all in Europe and could not stand it

So I placed the devil there when he was done grafting

And you know up in the Mideast my flag planted

Mecca: the root of all civilization I’m saying…


(Verse 2)

Yeah Yeah before the time of The Beast

Up on the Earth there was a peace that’ll be hard to repeat

Yeah no Pax Romana can dead the current chaos or clamor

Just the killing of the cancer

My my travels were expansive

You been to Japan then rafted to Philippines after?

I did that ‘while ago made it to Australia after ‘lotta rows

And copped the land to own plans to go

Further east put me on Hawaii’s beach

Volcanoes had me runnin’ out so I vanished out

Tryna find new land to bounce

Then populated each island in the eastern south

They say I’m always fannin’ out

I guess that’s what I’m ’bout on this Earth finding routes

To get to A-to-B crossin’ any land or sea

I taught this white man about discovery, G


One more time for the babies.

(Verse 3)

Look and now I look around today

And peep devils swaggajackin’ any kind of way

Sayin’ they originated this and innovated that

But I gotta kill it, blackman

First thing, gotta claim it back, fam

Intellectually give ’em the backhand

Proving point by point I’m that man

Original: to take a stand to take back land

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