“Angel” (Prod. by Michael Franco)

Top Billion Angel

"Angel" Cover Art

New Album “Future Nostalgia.” Coming May 21st on Bandcamp and The DOTR.


(Verse 1)
I don’t believe in heaven, hell, or purgatory
Heard the stories of afterlife and all it did was bore me
Never warned me never made me think or worry
In fact it made this youngin’ do more bad in a hurry
I’m caught up in a flurry a whirlwind of world sins
Adrift surrounded by the friendliest non-friends
Back to my family face to insanity
No one at my side the world weight below grabbin’ me
I’m sinking under pressure 30,000 leagues below sea
So deep this where light don’t reach
Can’t see can’t breathe can’t do a damn thing
Dived to my own grave: shark food T.B.
Praying to Poseidon “Don’t let me sink deeper.
Send anyone… Little Mermaid… Sub-Mariner!”
And right then I seen her; no fins, all feathers
An angel my saving grace delivered

(Verse 2)
I don’t believe in heaven, hell, or purgatory
But for angels that’s different story
Top had a guardian playin’ cards for him
Keepin’ Hell’s beast from harmin’ him
Like when he was hustlin’ niggas tried strong armin’ him
But his steel-wing-angel was barrin’ them from scarrin’ him
Protectin’ all of him takin’ any fall for him
She thinks I’m Batman kept them from robbin’ him
She see a star in him: Alpha Centauri
She want to see me start to shine: 6 in the morning
Told the Reaper “Sorry, can’t take him yet.”
He was draggin’ me down to drown she gave breath
Took the wheel when I almost died in that wreck
On I-20 my brother and sister could’ve met Death
I guess her reach is wide enough to hold all the lives of us
My soul in her clutch
A wretch like me doesn’t deserve this much
Deserve this touch or to even have this luck
I got an angel

(Verse 3)
I don’t believe in heaven, hell, or purgatory
But my angel has done too much for me
Let me breathe this long let my heart beat strong
Let me go one being this headstrong
Let me live when it should’ve been dead wrong
From the fights to the nights that the guns were drawn
Damn I’m bless to see dawn no morning prayer
I say a silent peace be upon
Humming a beat to a song I got coming along
I think it’s dope my angel will tell if I’m wrong
I love her I love this life that she comfort
From counself I confer she’s who I come for
Winter, spring, summer I fall through for her
She’s too tight to slip from grace not Lucifer (loose)
Owe it all to her got it all through her
Without her life support I wouldn’t dare scuba
She a trooper who I give salute to
No bond truer than what me and her are used to

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