“2 Weeks in Minneapolis” (Prod. Zoo Donalds)

Top Billion

Top Billion

Recorded at 3 AM in a basement in Dinkytown. Slightly inebriated, standing on a chair, the microphone (Shure) was in a shoe, done in less than 10 takes. Recorded on a BLACK Macbook in Garageband.

“2 Weeks in Minneapolis”

(Verse 1)

Im not big on the punchlines on metaphors

Cause I rap for the fine wine and to win awards

And I ain’t seen a battle rapper do that before

Except the white boy but thats a diff’ categor’

So need I say more or are we on a different accord

I can fix that for sure press record

Look, when my flow pours its like sweat out pores

This is factual it’s natural like air out doors

And like openin doors I’m letting steam

Ya mama used to say “close the door you lettin’ heat out!”

Well, me I’m lettin’ loose fire that I breathe out

The rappin’ dungeon dragon it happened you let the beast out

But aww shit there I go with the metaphors

Funny gotta to be a hypocrite to kill this shit

When I’d much rather be a realist lyricist

Like braille for the blind just feel this shit

And like I’m paid by Lays I wanna stack chips

Barely brush my teeth that’s how bad I want plaques, bitch

Gold & platinum and this is literal

Cant do ’em physical I’ll do numbers digital

(Verse 2)
Swag! I’m cookin somethin’ in the lab

So bad when it drops it’d make the Basedgod glad

But I formed my own religion: Top Billionism

You’ll hear the description when you buy my album and listen

Huh I’m fuckin’ trippin’ hand my dick the microphone

And he’ll say he’s the hardest spittin’

Fuck it I’m fuckin’ kiddin’; jerkin around

Get it hand my dick the mic I’m just jerkin around

Put any hate you have for Top back down on the ground

Want your career to take off that’s prerequisite now

Last thing you’ll ever hear’ll be “bow!” fuckin’ with me

Wake up find yourself in the clouds with some wings

My team got everything pawns knights and queens

Your team got only kings; who’s better at chess?

I’ll tell you a few things kings move like queens

But their powers aren’t limitless; now guess: checkmate

Rawer than a sextape boomin’ in the next state

Noddin to my mixtape you’ll end up with a neck-brace

No necklace diamonds in mind I’d be the king of diamonds

If brain cells could shine

Youngin on his grind and ion’t skateboard

If I did I’d win X-Game awards when bored

Shoutout to Brad Massey he’s a beast on the boards

Our album dropping atleast this fourth quarter for sure

  1. July 26th, 2011

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