Top Billion – “Jesus in the ‘Jects” (Prod. Blockos-K)



Check out this new song I recorded with French producer Blockos-K. Last month we released the controversial song “Serve & Protect” and now we’re back with a new track that’s sure to get ya’ll talkin’. This song is asking what would Jesus do and say if he returned and visited the ghettos and slums of today. It’s a sequel to my song “Dear Lord.” Also, check out our album “Over the Top.”

“Jesus in the ‘Jects”

Blessed be the one who has faith in adversity,
Never taking personally what’s been planned purposefully,
But in the slum where I’m from God’s further than the Sun,
So if his Son were to come he should hit the ‘jects,

(Verse 1)
Yeah, if Christ came down to the traphouse,
Would he befriend us, condemn us, or just walk right out?,
If he saw the Tek airholes while we bag dope careful,
Would he be resentful or put the blunt in house?,
If we walked out and a fiend rushed him for quarters,
Then saw reporters and coroners by yellow tape on the corner,
Would he break off bread? Would he raise the dead?,
“My dear children,” he said? Or call us heathens instead,
All the wine-os, when he find those, would he bother,
To lead them to the Father or turn their liquor to water?,
Teen mothers and daughters: are they lesser to him,
‘Cause they sin by gettin’ it before their marriage to men?,
Strippers and prostitutes for loot they knock boots,
Would he preach ’em gospel truth or say their lost no use?,
Jesus in the ‘Jects Jesus in the ‘Jects,
On the first of the month can he increase the check?,
Would he lead by example? Rock the robe and the sandals?,
Or cancel that, rock Airmax and fresh gear he could handle?,
If Christ came to life and saw what the ‘hood like,
Would he weep for our plight or damn us all twice?

Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!
It’s hell if you’re born in this world poor,
‘Cause Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!
The streets at war everyday blood pour,
Wh-What what would happen if you sent,
Jesus in the ‘Jects
Son of God in the flesh,
Jesus in the ‘Jects
‘Cause Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!
It’s hard to believe in you anymore

(Verse 2)
A liquor store and crackpot and church on each block,
Each Sunday service packed front to back with have-nots,
What would Christ say to us when the collection plate stops?,
Should us have-nots still drop what little we got?,
Gold ceilings, gold pews, gold everywhere in view,
But outside a smack junkie digs the trash for food,
What would Jesus do? Had ‘im for the needles he use?
Hard to imagine compassion when God ain’t blessed you,
Clef’ Dollar floss his congregation pay the cost,
Does he lead the lost or is he pimpin’ the cross?,
Out here money talks on which side would Christ walk?,
With those in his name or us in the dope game?,
Cocaine white as him how we in this life of sin,
Make me think he Caucasian ’cause ya cursed in black skin,
Thugs with Mack-10s even rock Jesus pieces,
Does he feel our reasons or to him are we feces?


(Verse 3)
I gotta question of Jesus ’cause you ain’t blessin’ us even,
This heroin ain’t leavin’ and AIDS stoppin’ our breathing’,
Policemen trigger squeezing’ as if it was nigga killin’ season,
And the schools ain’t shit us kids hardly readin’,
These politicians screamin’ every rapper is a demon,
When all do is speakin’ for the ghettos that be bleedin’,
Jesus if you come make a run through the slums,
Feed the bums more than crumbs and take the guns from our sons,
Each nigga’s grandmother is religious, whose isn’t?,
Mine was in Church so much Mary paid her a visit,
But in the cancer clinic that didn’t make a difference,
We die, I’m realistic, but why ain’t God bless her with riches?,
Born at the bottom, shot ‘im, died at the bottom,
Christ what’s the problem? We’re plagued like Gomorrah and Sodom,
We’re all even doubtin’ that you’re even up there,
I know the truth: we’re the Gods you’re a fairytale


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