“Don’t Know Who to Trust” Prod. by Purplex

Top Billion in 2011


New song produced by Purplex being dropped before I go do this show at Artistic Vibes. Check it out now!

“Don’t Know Who to Trust”

(Verse 1)
Man, I thought you were dog,
Shoulda saw it all along,
The right words you said ’em all,
But the facade was a fraud,
Let me backtrack for ya’ll way back,
My back was ‘gainst the wall I hate that,
I was short on a withdrawal for eight stacks,
And my debt I couldn’t stall the payback,
I needed a loan yeah a couple of bones,
So who better than my main homes,
To get on the phone to get a couple of those,
To get me right back in the zone,
But you turned around and you switched on me,
Bitch homie ain’t do shit for me,
Your favors I did in a quick hurry,
You came back with some shit story,
Far as you knew niggas put a hit on me,
Came down drew down put the stick on me,
If it wasn’t for my finesse I’d be finished,
Damn, where the love for the big homie?
Oh, I know it’s only for the dough,
Only for the hoes and it’s only for the clothes,
If I were to go where would all of it flow,
I know to yo’ ass, bro, down below

Man, I thought you were my dog,
Turns out that you’re a fraud,
Shoulda knew it all along,
Couldn’t see it through the fog,
Man, I don’t know who to trust,
I don’t know who to trust,
I don’t know who to trust,
Man, I don’t know who to trust

(Verse 2)
Man, these pussy niggas be yin’ to ya,
Talkin’ ’bout they’ll be ridin’ for ya,
Same one hollin’ he dyin’ for ya,
At ya funeral wouldn’t be cryin’ for ya,
Niggas wouldn’t be sliding for ya unless it’s they best interests,
Can’t help it ain’t no one selfless niggas got what you have on they wish list,
Ain’t that some bitch shit or the way of the world,
Same nigga that’s your dog try to lay with your girl,
Show ’em where the safe is they’ll be takin’ ya pearls,
Man, I thought you were real! That’s the way it unfurls,
What’s done in the dark will come to the light,
What’s stuck in your heart will show outta spite,
Disloyalty’s the hardest wrong to right,
‘Cause when trust is broken it’s never fixed as tight,
That’s why I’m like I roll solo it’s only me myself and I in photos,
Love if you rep the CMG logo but my circle small as a yoyo,
You can call me anti-social rather be that than loco,
Enough to hand around a bunch of lames I found,
Who only came around to bring me down


(Verse 3)
And these hoes, man, don’t get me started,
Most only want me because I’m an artist,
Look her in the eyes I don’t know where her heart is,
Is it in me or in my or in my wallet?,
All the fame has made me target,
Look what I sowed I reap what I harvest,
How many gold diggers out here it’s retarded,
All goin’ for the biggest baller on the market,
Wish I could live outside the margin,
‘Stead it’s the center of attention I harness,
Wish I could go back and never have started,
The raps and plaques; tracks and stacks,
All I get is cats who ask for jack,
Promisin’ big flips like flapjacks,
But business savvy is what they lack,
And my street sense tells them to get scat,
I swear to God to trust is hard,
My heart’s armed it’s on guard,
I been harmed and been wronged,
So much hard to know what’s right all along,
But these songs how I get it out,
How I let it out how I express it out,
But the more I do it the more I gain influence,
And more people come through with sayin’ they’re the truest


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