Top Billion – “New Ch!ck” Prod. ypHoenxix

Top Billion - New Ch!ck (Single Art)


First single from the new album “Ace of Hearts” and the first release from Cipher Music Group Records, LLC. Produced by ypHoenxix. Check it out now! Click here to buy the single package

“New Chick”



Don’t push it don’t push it,

‘Cause I can always find someone good looking,

Don’t act up don’t act up,

‘Cause if you don’t like here you can pack up,

Don’t push it don’t push it,

‘Cause I can always find someone good looking,

Don’t trip (Don’t trip!) don’t trip (Don’t trip!),

‘Cause I can find me a new Chick yeah


(Verse 1)

You must think you’re not replaceable,

Like getting a new you is something I’m not able to,

Well, I got news for you don’t get too accustomed, beau,

First time you addy turns poo I’m giving you the boot,

God honest truth don’t get reduced being uncouth,

I’ll cut you loose don’t think you’re proofed just ’cause you’re cute,

I’ll shoot the deuce faster than you can say achoo,

I’m like a genie first thing you see me and then it’s poof uh,

Know you like the perks of being Ms. Billion,

My love gives you the feeling like you can walk on the ceiling,

But don’t think you’re the first to have the privilege to be in my presence,

For you to be the one another became second,

This life is a blessing so my threats don’t question,

What the God started he can bring to an ending,

With a snap of my finger you can no longer linger,

And before you disappear I hooked up with another singer




(Verse 2)

See, I was cool and happy when I was rocking with Tammy,

But she ain’t understand me I grind this hard to get Grammys,

Woulda started a family with Iesha but a cheater,

Is the reason why I’d leave a woman faster than a cheetah,

Keisha she was gangsta thank ya but no thank ya,

I can’t retain ya if everywhere we go you bring ya banger,

Dana was a thinker college girl used to spank her,

But all books and no street smarts only equals danger,

Man, I miss my girl Keiyanna when I think about it,

But remember the drama make me take a drink about it,

Good relationship with Pam but what stinked about it,

When my exes called she didn’t keep it G about it,

Couldn’t be around it so I cut my old hoes,

You could recast if you don’t play yo role,

Just remember nothing ever last forever,

So if you were clever you’d try to make me think that never




(Verse 3)

If I’m single it’s ’cause I wanna be,

If she don’t want me obviously she likes girls my hypotheses,

I’m quit to drop a fe ’cause they’ve done a lot to me,

I’ve had my heart broke like a glass that got to freeze,

Those years shedding tears filled me with fear,

Never again I’ll be steered down that road I said clear,

To myself I’ll dump if she’s bad for my health,

No matter her wealth or how good the Power U felt,

I done dealt with too much to put up with a rude slut,

Won’t let you downgrade me, bitch, I’m tryna move up,

Like the Jeffersons I’ll find a bitch that’s better than,

You in a second then you’ll only live in my remembrance,

You can say I’m cold and all of that,

But it’s guaranteed you’ll be the one calling back,

That’s the point of no return when I’m falling back,

Luckily, you’ll live forever inside my raps



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