About Top Billion

Performing in New Orleans, LA

Performing in New Orleans, LA

My name is Simon “Top Billion” Hill. I’m a rapper and I love it. I was born September 14, 1990 in Huntsville, Alabama. I started taking rap seriously at 18 years old with the release of my first official mixtape “Off the Top Vol. 1.” I named myself Top Billion because I said at that age “there are a billion rappers out here, but one day, I will be at the top of the game.”

I was mostly raised in Louisiana. I rep Monroe & New Orleans, LA. I currently reside in Miami, FL where I started my record company to sell my songs and those of the artists I’ll sign in the future: Cipher Music Group Records, LLC. I have four albums on iTunes (Based on a True Story, Future Nostalgia., Le Classique de Bayou, and Over the Top) for sale. Physical copies of my albums are available on Amazon.com. I am affiliated with BMI as well. This site, my Twitter, and my tumblr are my official channels to the world. CMG Records has a Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and a Vimeo. Though I do have a Bandcamp, all future releases from my artists and I will only be available via online stores or through the CMG Bandcamp page.

For information on bookings, merchandise, interviews, or to send fan mail, email topbillioncmg@gmail dot com or ciphermusicgrouprecords@gmail dot com.

    • Mycara White
    • September 24th, 2011

    Hey Simon love ur music! Just stopping by showing sum love!

    #n i didnt know u had a blog!

    • aww thank you for posting! i felt like an idiot because i couldn’t find my own about page :-/. and yeah u should get a blog i’d comment on yours 🙂

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