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“Ace of Hearts” (Album)

top billion ace of hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day! New music! Produced entirely by ypHoenxix, this project is about a young man’s perspective on love, lust, relationships and heartbreak. Enjoy!

“King of Hearts” (Free Mixtape)

Top Billion - King of Hearts


My Christmas gift to the world! I usually drop a free project on my birthday every year but I missed that opportunity in 2013. So what better way to make up for that than to release a ‘tape on the day that everyone is giving and receiving gifts? This is to promote the upcoming “Ace of Hearts” album (Go listen to “New Ch!ck“). I took popular R&B beats and made my own versions of the songs. Check it out. 

Top Billion – “Peace to the God” (Mixtape)

Designed by Top Billion

Designed by Top Billion

I titled this album “Peace to the God” because it’s a powerful statement of acknowledging who I am and indicating where I am at this point in my life. I’m a multidimensional artist. One of my dimensions is that I’m a Five Percenter. That means I teach that the Black man is God and Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding the Universe. But on this mixtape I’m mainly rapping about my life; drawing from the pain of a bad break-up with a long-term girlfriend, the death of my grandparents, growing up, being a young Black man in America, and wrestling with student loan debt. Yet at the center of it all, the unifying concept of this project on each song is that I am God and that I am in ultimate control and totally responsible for my fate.

This mixtape is also an homage to producer 9th Wonder. I picked my favorite beats from him and made my own songs from them. Download it for free here:

“Young-Black-Ambitious” (Mixtape)

Designed by Alex Conover

Designed by Alex Conover

On this album, I really wanted to show that I’m a great artist and that I can put together cohesive bodies of work. This album is my soul in MP3 format like my seminal work “Based on a True Story.” I wanted this project to encompass all the anger, joy, frustration, focus, fear, bravery, and determined will it takes to be a young Black American with the audacity to work hard for a better life. I want this work to touch all people, but mainly young Black people in all sections of society (from the ‘hood to the college dorms; from the trappers to the Talented Tenth). 
There are songs on here that are meant to be inspirational (“Desperate Measures,” “I Need a Dollar,” “Young, Black & Ambitious”). There are songs here that are meant to speak directly to the streets (“Walk wit’ a Killah,” “No Guarantees in the Game,” “Rodney Cullens”). There are love songs and joints for the ladies (“Baby, Don’t Go,” “Hurts to Say I Love You,” “She Don’t Hear the Words”). There are songs here meant to be braggadocios and raucous (“Nothin’ You Can Do About It,” “Intimidated”). There are songs here that are hedonistic and meant to be played in the clubs (“Freak Hoe,” “Don’t Want That Hoe”). And the last song (“Permanent Target”) is meant to be a cautionary song to remind my audience that until racism and ignorance is gone, we’re still targets in this society. 
I honestly believe that this project is my best work to date and that there is something on here for everybody to enjoy. This is an album meant to be played in the cars, in the cribs, and in the clubs.

“Hungry+Humble” (Mixtape)

Photo taken by Yorel Warr.

Photo taken by Yorel Warr.

Check out my free new mixtape “Hungry+Humble.” It’s entirely produced by my #1 producer Brad Masseyand I’m expanding my subject matter and my storytelling abilities on this thing. It also features the 2013 Monroe Cypher track. It’s dope. Press play. Don’t believe me? Read this review.

“Over the Top” (Album)

Designed by Blockos-K for 32 Stud Productions.

The album I’ve been working on and talking about for over a year is finally here! Blockos-K is a producer from France I got acquainted with through the internet around the time “Future Nostalgia.” dropped.We emailed beats and tracks back and forth since mid 2011.  I’d record the songs, he’d mix and master them. Blockos made it his mission to give me “a more professional, heavy sound.” He succeeded. I love this album because it seemed like an impossible task. It took alot of hard work and devotion. It bridges the gaps of language, culture, nationality, and race. This is the final result. Hip-Hop is beautiful thing.

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“Payin’ Dues” (Free Mixtape)

Designed by Top Billion

My second birthday gift to you all is this new free mixtape produced entirely by my friend and dopest producer I know: Brad Massey. Nine new songs; all fire. Stream/Download it below.

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