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Top Billion Working on “First Impressions”

I stumbled across this footage while extracting show footage from one of my memory cards. I don’t know who is holding the camera or what day this was, but it reminds me of home and let’s ya’ll know that I’m starting from the bottom. The song playing is “First Impressions.”

Build with the God: Episode 6 – Knowledge Cipher

New episode of BWTG Building on Today’s Mathematics (April 10th).

Build with the God: Episode 5 – Being God & Humility

In this episode of BWTG, I Build on being humble while acknowledging yourself as the Supreme Being.

Build with the God: Episode 4 – Friendships & Trust

In this new episode of BWTG, I build about friendships and trust. This video was gonna come out yesterday. That’s why I build on yesterday’s Mathematics. 

Build with the God: Episode 3 – Making Mistakes & Learning From Them

In this new episode of “Build with the God,” I build on how we can turn the mistakes we make into lessons we learn from. I draw from the Supreme Alphabet, the 1-40 Lessons, and, most importantly, Supreme Mathematics.

Build with the God: Episode 2 – Love, Hell or Right & Relationships

In this episode, I’m building about the Supreme Alphabet, the science of love, healthy relationships, and the unalike attract and alike repel.

Build with the God: Episode 1 – Knowledge of Self

This is a new video blog series I’m starting where I talk about Five Percent teachings and my general observations about life. Do the knowledge.

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