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Checkmate Reviews “Future Nostalgia.”

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Khaliem “Checkmate” Adams is an 18 year old North Carolina State University student from Charlotte, North Carolina. Aside from watching TV, playing Street Fighter 4, and chilling with his friends, he occasionally reviews albums and mixtapes for enjoyment. We both frequent a popular forum and I asked him to review my album “Future Nostalgia.” honestly and objectively. Here’s his critique… 

Top Billion Future Nostalgia (Mixtape) Review
After listening to TopBillion’s mixtape, I must say it was definitely well though out. It gave a CLEAR insight into this Man’s life, but was was also so broad that anyone else can relate to it as well. Think of it as an “universal autobiography.” He touched on things that were common in today’s society such as haters, and copycats (people trying to swagga-jack you), in addition to the more mature issues like Adultery, Religion, and not to mention Death.

Listening to TopBillion’s mixtape was like “ear-reading” an intricately created book. Each track acted like a new chapter in TopBillion’s life. It was really an experience that I enjoyed. When you put nicely produced tracks in conjunction with a decent, arguably even professional flow, you are in for a great time. When I heard the first few tracks, I thought “Wow, this should be on iTunes, or somewhere that critics can get a hold of it and review it. This needs its own Wikipedia article, with in-depth descriptions.”…. Continue reading Reviews “Future Nostalgia.”

Top Billion

In the Studio

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Today, Top Billion dropped his new album “Future Nostalgia.” With no guest appearances, the rapper shines from the first to the last song. The album is a good display of his work, showcasing his assortment of skills.

On the C-Wizz produced track “So Smart You’re Stupid” Billion spits:

 “No metaphors just heart flowing like the Nile.”

This line sums up “Future Nostalgia” entirely. The album doesn’t feature any crazy metaphors or punch lines from him on any of the fourteen tracks. Instead, the rapper provides deep, honest and thought provoking lyrics, pouring his heart out over laid back production by various producers including Michael Franco, Jay Beatz, C-Wizz, Lennon, Brahms, and Sage.

On songs such as “Adultery” and “I’ll Always Love You” Billion’s storytelling ability is shown. On “Adultery”, which was inspired by “Sins Of My Father” from his album “Based On A True Story”, he tells the story of a cheating husband while on “I’ll Always Love You”, he tells his own personal story of his significant other’s unplanned pregnancy which resulted in a abortion…

To see the rest of the review, click “Read more” Continue reading

Downlopaz Reviews “Adultery”

Check out what this music critic thought of the song “Adultery.”!/downlopaz. “Future Nostalgia.” coming May 21st.

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