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Performing New Song “I’m a Person” (8/6/13)

This is a really personal open letter to an ex in song form. 

Performing New Song “Dollar Signs” (8/6/13)

New song I wrote to a beat Blockos sent me. It’s a motivation”get money” type of record. Check it out.

“Up All Night” (Prod. by Blockos-K)

Cover Art - Up All Night

Check out this new song from me & my French producer Blockos-K! We’re working on our new album together and other big things. Also, check out our album “Over the Top” that came out last month. 

Top Billion – “Jesus in the ‘Jects” (Prod. Blockos-K)



Check out this new song I recorded with French producer Blockos-K. Last month we released the controversial song “Serve & Protect” and now we’re back with a new track that’s sure to get ya’ll talkin’. This song is asking what would Jesus do and say if he returned and visited the ghettos and slums of today. It’s a sequel to my song “Dear Lord.” Also, check out our album “Over the Top.”

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Top Billion – “Serve & Protect” (Prod. Blockos-K)

Earlier this year, I released a collaborative album with French producer Blockos-K called “Over the Top.” The album was a critical success and received a lot of downloads. Blockos and I are working on our next project and this is one our new tracks. I’m telling true stories about my experiences dealing with police. 

“Over the Top” (Album)

Designed by Blockos-K for 32 Stud Productions.

The album I’ve been working on and talking about for over a year is finally here! Blockos-K is a producer from France I got acquainted with through the internet around the time “Future Nostalgia.” dropped.We emailed beats and tracks back and forth since mid 2011.  I’d record the songs, he’d mix and master them. Blockos made it his mission to give me “a more professional, heavy sound.” He succeeded. I love this album because it seemed like an impossible task. It took alot of hard work and devotion. It bridges the gaps of language, culture, nationality, and race. This is the final result. Hip-Hop is beautiful thing.

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Single: “Only You” Ft. Chelsea Spears

Check out the 1st single from my upcoming album “Over the Top.” It’s a collaborative effort with French producer Blockos-K. It’s been in production so long, I alluded to it in this video. But now, it’s finally going to be released on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp October 12, 2012. Also, check out the talented Chelsea Spears

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