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Top Billion – “Trust No B!tch” Prod. KiidPlanet

I’m posting this song super late! It dropped almost a week ago! Anyway, check it out. Don’t judge it by its title. It’s a real personal song. Shoutout to KiidPlanet for the beat.

Top Billion – “Peace to the God” (Video)

Last week, my Freestyle Friday video was over the 1st 9th Wonder beat I ever rapped on. Now in this week’s episode, I’m performing the title track for the upcoming “Peace to the God” mixtape. It’s dropping May 1.

Top Billion – “More Than a Friend” Prod. Detal

Earlier this week I tweeted that I wouldn’t release a new song on my Youtube channel because I was working on my “Peace to the God” mixtape. But later that day I stumbled upon this song on my harddrive that I damn near forgot about and decided it had to be released. It’s a dope collaborative song I did with my boy Detal from Australia. Check it out.

2013 Loyola University New Orleans Rap Cypher

The third and final Loyola University Cypher. Since I’m graduating next month, this is my way of celebrating. Check out the first and second cyphers as well. The order of appearance in this video is Top Billion, Obi, Alex Camero, D. Landry, Rodo, ShayBriggs, Purplex, Brooklyn, Conscious, and Austin Rapbaum.

Top Billion – “Thoughts of Suicide” Prod. KiidPlanet

I didn’t write any of this song down. I just recorded it straight off the top of the head. Check it out.

Top Billion – “Niggas in Monroe” Freestyle (Video)

New episode of Freestyle Friday! This freestyle was dropped on Tumblr a while back but I added some extra unheard bars to it. Check it out. 

Top Billion – “Dead to Me” Prod. Yung Murk

Every week on my Youtube channel I want to drop a new free song for the fans! I love ya’ll. This song is really personal to me because the first verse is about a friend I had named Lil’ Man who tried to rob me one day. The second verse is about a girl that I was in love with who betrayed me. Shoutout to Yung Murk for the beat. 

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