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Top Billion – “Ain’t Easin’ Up” Freestyle (Video)

New episode of Freestyle Friday! I released this track on tumblr awhile back but the world slept on it. I brought it back because the lyrics on this are crazy.

Top Billion – “Bulletproof Billion” Prod. KiidPlanet

This song is my response to a rapper who’ll remain unknown. He wrote a diss song about me trying to get points off my name. I won’t aid you in your endeavors, sir, but I will school you in how to make a jammin’ song.

Top Billion – “House Party” Freestyle (Video)

Brand new episode of Freestyle Friday bringing some brand new bars over Meek Mill’s “House Party.” Check it out and download the MP3 version here.

Top Billion – “Keep it 100” Prod. Yung Murk

When I dropped my mixtape “Young-Black-Ambitious,” a few people said I was trying to switch to a more “gangsta” style. I got mad at that because 1. my content is always based on reality, not a “gangsta” image and 2. I’ve been rapping about these type of things just on beats not normally rapped on with that type of subject matter. Anyway, this song addresses it all. Shoutout to Yung Murk.

Top Billion – “T.R.O.Y.” Freestyle (Video)

I put out this freestyle on my tumblr a while back. Lyrically, it’s one of my best freestyles in my opinion. The beat is from Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s classic song. Download the MP3 version of this freestyle here.

“Young-Black-Ambitious” (Mixtape)

Designed by Alex Conover

Designed by Alex Conover

On this album, I really wanted to show that I’m a great artist and that I can put together cohesive bodies of work. This album is my soul in MP3 format like my seminal work “Based on a True Story.” I wanted this project to encompass all the anger, joy, frustration, focus, fear, bravery, and determined will it takes to be a young Black American with the audacity to work hard for a better life. I want this work to touch all people, but mainly young Black people in all sections of society (from the ‘hood to the college dorms; from the trappers to the Talented Tenth). 
There are songs on here that are meant to be inspirational (“Desperate Measures,” “I Need a Dollar,” “Young, Black & Ambitious”). There are songs here that are meant to speak directly to the streets (“Walk wit’ a Killah,” “No Guarantees in the Game,” “Rodney Cullens”). There are love songs and joints for the ladies (“Baby, Don’t Go,” “Hurts to Say I Love You,” “She Don’t Hear the Words”). There are songs here meant to be braggadocios and raucous (“Nothin’ You Can Do About It,” “Intimidated”). There are songs here that are hedonistic and meant to be played in the clubs (“Freak Hoe,” “Don’t Want That Hoe”). And the last song (“Permanent Target”) is meant to be a cautionary song to remind my audience that until racism and ignorance is gone, we’re still targets in this society. 
I honestly believe that this project is my best work to date and that there is something on here for everybody to enjoy. This is an album meant to be played in the cars, in the cribs, and in the clubs.

Top Billion – “CMG Boys” (Video)

New Freestyle Friday video! The beat is Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys.” I dropped this freestyle on my tumblr a while back but I’m in a celebratory mood and this just felt right! New mixtape “Young-Black-Ambitious” drops tomorrow!

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