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Top Billion – “Peace to the God” (Video)

Last week, my Freestyle Friday video was over the 1st 9th Wonder beat I ever rapped on. Now in this week’s episode, I’m performing the title track for the upcoming “Peace to the God” mixtape. It’s dropping May 1.

Top Billion – “22 Years Young” (Video)

New episode of Freestyle Friday where I go in over Termanology’s song “22 Years.” At the end of the episode, I make a special announcement related to this tweet as well..

Top Billion – “Ain’t Easin’ Up” Freestyle (Video)

New episode of Freestyle Friday! I released this track on tumblr awhile back but the world slept on it. I brought it back because the lyrics on this are crazy.

Top Billion – “March 16th” (Video)

Freestyle Friday #6 in full effect! Check it out! March 16th is the release date for my new mixtape “Young-Black-Ambitious.” ¬†This beat is from LL Cool J’s song “I Shot Ya (Remix).”¬†

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