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“Touch the Sky” Freestyle Video

Quick little freestyle video I did over this verse I dropped over Kanye’s “Touch the Sky.” Updates about current and future projects at the end of the video. 

Top Billion – “House Party” Freestyle (Video)

Brand new episode of Freestyle Friday bringing some brand new bars over Meek Mill’s “House Party.” Check it out and download the MP3 version here.

Top Billion – “T.R.O.Y.” Freestyle (Video)

I put out this freestyle on my tumblr a while back. Lyrically, it’s one of my best freestyles in my opinion. The beat is from Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s classic song. Download the MP3 version of this freestyle here.

Top Billion – “CMG Boys” (Video)

New Freestyle Friday video! The beat is Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys.” I dropped this freestyle on my tumblr a while back but I’m in a celebratory mood and this just felt right! New mixtape “Young-Black-Ambitious” drops tomorrow!

Top Billion – “King Billion” (Video)

Check out my third Freestyle Friday video! I wanted to showcase I have different flows, so I picked a really fast beat by Brad Massey from his new beat tape “Bean.” I’m not rapping fast, you just might be listening slow. Download the MP3 version of this song here.

Top Billion – “Simon Mandingo Freestyle” (Video)

For the record, the piece is from Nigeria. This is my second Freestyle Friday video. The beat is from Jay Beatz (no relation to this Jay Beatz). Download the MP3 version here. Also, I encourage all Black Americans to visit

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