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Top Billion Performing “Mama Cry” in Miami (9/23/13)


Performing at Churchill’s in Little Haiti. Download the single “Mama Cry” produced by KiidPlanet today for free!

“Mama Cry” Prod. by KiidPlanet



This is a real heartfelt song I wrote and recorded last month.

Top Billion – “Trust No B!tch” Prod. KiidPlanet

I’m posting this song super late! It dropped almost a week ago! Anyway, check it out. Don’t judge it by its title. It’s a real personal song. Shoutout to KiidPlanet for the beat.

Top Billion – “Thoughts of Suicide” Prod. KiidPlanet

I didn’t write any of this song down. I just recorded it straight off the top of the head. Check it out.

Top Billion – “Bulletproof Billion” Prod. KiidPlanet

This song is my response to a rapper who’ll remain unknown. He wrote a diss song about me trying to get points off my name. I won’t aid you in your endeavors, sir, but I will school you in how to make a jammin’ song.

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