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2013 Monroe, LA Rap Cypher Part II

New Monroe Rap Cypher! Some familiar and new faces in this one! Also check out the first Monroe Cypher we did this year.


2013 Monroe, LA Rap Cypher (Video)

The official 2013 Monroe Cypher is here! Check out last year’s edition and the 1st ever Monroe Pass the Mic videos as well. You can download this song for free on my mixtape “Hungry+Humble” today! In order of appearance: Top Billion, Brance B, Playa P, Photokidd, J the MC, Young Thug, N.O.T.Y., King Twanie, The 6th Grade, J-Money, Will, & Chris-Style.

Top Billion – “Streets Gon’ Feel Me” (Prod. Brad Massey) + 2013 Monroe Cypher MP3

Top Billion

I’m dropping my 1st mixtape of 2013 on January 26th. It’s titled “Hungry+Humble” and it’s entirely produced by my #1 beatmaker: Brad Massey. Originally, I was gonna call the mixtape “Streets Gon’ Feel Me” because it was the 1st song I wrote for the project and I knew it was a sick song the moment I finished it. But I changed the title of the mixtape because I think the words ‘hungry’ + ‘humble’ describe me the best. The song is supposed to describe every detail of living in the hood in the South; specifically the hoods of Monroe, LA.

Click ‘read more’ to read the lyrics for this song and download the MP3 of the 2013 Monroe Cypher before the video drops January 26th with the “Hungry+Humble” mixtape.

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Top Billion – “No Guarantees in the Game” (Prod. LV Beats)

Top Billion Recording 2

I was gonna release a mixtape on Christmas Day called “No Guarantees in the Game,” but things change. Shoutout to LV Beats for giving this fire track though.

“Payin’ Dues” (Free Mixtape)

Designed by Top Billion

My second birthday gift to you all is this new free mixtape produced entirely by my friend and dopest producer I know: Brad Massey. Nine new songs; all fire. Stream/Download it below.

Monroe, LA: Pass the Mic (2012)

Today is my birthday! I turn 22! One year ago, I released a music video and a free E.P. This year is so no different. I present to you Monroe’s first ever “Pass the Mic” video.  It’s also the 1st single from my free mixtape “Payin’ Dues” produced entirely by Brad Massey. In order of appearance: Top Billion, Photokidd, Brance B., Playa P, King Twanie, N.O.T.Y., 6th Grade, Chris-Style, Sektor, Bunnie.

“Noillib Pot III” Official Music Video

This video took forever to shoot and even longer to edit. But I feel like it’s my best self-directed yet. From the album “Noillib Pot III.” Produced by Brad Massey. Clothes provided by EP Empire

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