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“22 Years Young” (Official Music Video)

I rapped this verse for my old Freestyle Friday series and released the song on my latest mixtape “Peace to the God.” Now, finally I was able to shoot a high quality video with the new DSLR I bought. So proud right now. Check it out.

Top Billion – “Peace to the God” (Mixtape)

Designed by Top Billion

Designed by Top Billion

I titled this album “Peace to the God” because it’s a powerful statement of acknowledging who I am and indicating where I am at this point in my life. I’m a multidimensional artist. One of my dimensions is that I’m a Five Percenter. That means I teach that the Black man is God and Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding the Universe. But on this mixtape I’m mainly rapping about my life; drawing from the pain of a bad break-up with a long-term girlfriend, the death of my grandparents, growing up, being a young Black man in America, and wrestling with student loan debt. Yet at the center of it all, the unifying concept of this project on each song is that I am God and that I am in ultimate control and totally responsible for my fate.

This mixtape is also an homage to producer 9th Wonder. I picked my favorite beats from him and made my own songs from them. Download it for free here:

Top Billion – “Peace to the God” (Video)

Last week, my Freestyle Friday video was over the 1st 9th Wonder beat I ever rapped on. Now in this week’s episode, I’m performing the title track for the upcoming “Peace to the God” mixtape. It’s dropping May 1.

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