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Top Billion – “Dead to Me” Prod. Yung Murk

Every week on my Youtube channel I want to drop a new free song for the fans! I love ya’ll. This song is really personal to me because the first verse is about a friend I had named Lil’ Man who tried to rob me one day. The second verse is about a girl that I was in love with who betrayed me. Shoutout to Yung Murk for the beat. 

Top Billion – “Keep it 100” Prod. Yung Murk

When I dropped my mixtape “Young-Black-Ambitious,” a few people said I was trying to switch to a more “gangsta” style. I got mad at that because 1. my content is always based on reality, not a “gangsta” image and 2. I’ve been rapping about these type of things just on beats not normally rapped on with that type of subject matter. Anyway, this song addresses it all. Shoutout to Yung Murk.

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