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Top Billion Performing “Drink + My Music” @ Churchills in Little Haiti

I performed “Thoughts of Suicide” for the first time before I did this song but I forgot the lyrics. Download this song (produced by Brad Massey) right here

Top Billion Performing “Drink + My Music” & “Mama Cry” in Miami

Last night, I couldn’t perform at Artistic Vibes because the list was already full. But luckily, right around the corner at Little Hoolie’s they were having a show so I hopped on over there. I did one of my new songs with Brad Massey (“Drink + My Music“) and finished my set with “Mama Cry.” In between, I tried to perform “Don’t Know Who to Trust” but I forgot the words! So I ended my set with “Mama Cry” and turnt up because I never like getting off stage without feeling like I shut it down.

“Drink + My Music” Prod. by Brad Massey

Drink + My Music in Opa-Locka

Drink + My Music in Opa-Locka

I waited to release this song because I feel like it’s one of the best joints I’ve made in a long time. I took my time mixing it and getting the levels right (like I do with all my songs, but I gave special attention to this one). It’s a gem. Brad Massey killed this track. My verses were drawn from a very dark place. This was written and recorded in Monroe but the final touches were down in Miami. Check it out. 

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“A Friend Like Me” Prod. Brad Massey & Carnage

Top Billion - "A Friend Like Me"

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CipherMusicGroup – “NMADDOG” Ft. Noty, Will, & Top Billion (Prod. Brad Massey)



The original CipherMusicGroup is Top Billion, Will, NoTy, Chris-Style, and Brad Massey. This is a song recorded in the summer of this year in Monroe, LA from Top, Will, and NoTy with Brad on the beat.



“Keep it Player” Prod. by Brad Massey

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 10.54.30 AM

“Keep it player” is what my nigga D. Landry tell me all the time. It’s his motto but I decided to make a song about it. The beat was produced by Brad Massey. Check it out.

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Top Billion – “All Franklins” Prod. Brad Massey

New song from me and my longtime collaborator Brad Massey. Check it out!

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